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The company Creaciones Fejomi S.L. was set up in 1980 by brothers Miguel and Fernando Prado Hervás, a family business that has become consolidated over the years.

At the outset, the company was engaged in manufacturing English style furniture for sale on the Spanish market. Later, in 1990, a change in direction took place in furniture manufacturing, when Carmelo Prado Hervás, a connoisseur of French style furniture, joined the firm and we began to alternate the manufacture of classic English furniture with classic French furniture. This opened up new markets and we started to export our furniture to Korea and the Arab countries. As of 1995, our production capacity gradually increased and our market broadened to take in all the Asian countries, the USA, Canada, Russia, England, etc. The demand for our furniture became so great that in the year 2000 we decided to open a new factory to service all of our customers, which was finally inaugurated in 2002. We currently have a very well balanced production capacity with our orders portfolio and the immediate prospect of increasing our output to double the current rate.

We have been in business now for 34 years and have evolved over time in creativity and productivity, without ever losing sight of the handcrafted nature of the manufacture of our furniture.